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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Who Knows’ to Become a Game Show, Meaning Your Useless Celebrity Knowledge Is Now Slightly Less Useless

Jimmy Kimmel.

With the smashing success of Spike’s Lip Sync Battle, other networks are raiding the closets of the late-night Jimmys in search of more gamified celebrity whimsy to spin into ratings gold: Variety reports that ABC has ordered up a series version of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Who Knows,” a game-show segment that tests whether stars can press a buzzer faster than their most knowledgeable fans. It’ll be called Big Fan, and the new name brings a slew of other changes: Andy Richter will take over hosting duties, and the famous person will now be competing to answer questions about themselves with not one but three of their fans. That’s three times as many chances to monetize your knowledge of the name of Taylor Swift’s high-school BFF. (Abigail, duh.)

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Who Knows’ to Become a Game Show