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Watch John Oliver Take On Trump and Start a Campaign to Change Donald’s Last Name

If you’ve ever thought Donald Trump’s relationship with the truth was similar to that of a lemur and a banana, John Oliver is here to confirm your suspicions once and for all. But not just confirm them. Confirm them brilliantly, with scathing rebukes, thorough research, and lots of funny pictures. This Last Week Tonight installment tackles everything from Trump’s campaign finances and net worth to his presidential platform and family heritage — it also has a gem of a Kanye reference.

The whole thing ultimately builds toward taking a very, very close look at Trump’s ability to serve as a consistent and coherent commander-in-chief, an outcome that, as Oliver points out, is really, truly nearing the realm of possibility. So roll the clip above to see what the host thinks you should know sooner rather than later, and, if you agree, you can invest in some fresh campaign gear here.

If not, then I guess there’s this, because Trump has yet to respond directly:

John Oliver Launches Campaign to Rename Trump