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Jimmy Fallon Interviews Jonah Hill in Really Random Emotional Situations, Elicits Many Really Good Jonah Hill Faces in the Process

Sure, sure, Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill pull an Oprah and give everybody in the audience a panda, but that’s not the most important takeaway here. After watching this and seeing all the amazing Jonah faces that are possible, it should be seen as a travesty that the only Jonah Hill apps available in the App Store are the Get Him to the Greek and Superbad ones. Does this mean Jonah should fix that and think about making his very own Jonoji app? Probably. At least that way he (or you) could regularly share really expressive faces for really special scenarios.

When your BFF Leo tells you to close your eyes and imagine how big the Academy Award for Best Actor is IRL, for example:

Or when you rewatch that underrated bear bit you did with Channing Tatum at the Golden Globes:

When someone says maybe Leo won’t win that Oscar, and it gets you thinking:

When someone in your group text asks if it’s a good night to rewatch Wolf of Wall Street:

When someone asks you if you wished Steve Harvey had announced the best supporting actor winner in 2012 and 2014:

When someone asks you if there’s going to be a Superbad sequel:

And then it turns out that person talking to you is Michael Cera, and he’s not asking — he’s declaring that it’s happening, with a time jump, to get you onboard:

And he’s serious:

But then he’s kidding:

Download the Jonoji app never, but dream about it forever.

Watch Jonah Hill’s Emotional Fallon Interview