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Camille Cosby Lost the Bid to Postpone Her Scheduled Deposition Again [Updated]

Bill Cosby Preliminary Hearing
Bill Cosby.

After a Massachusetts magistrate ruled Camille Cosby had to testify against her husband in a civil case against the entertainer, a federal judge upheld the ruling, within certain limits. According to the Associated Press, Camille must give a deposition, but, under the Massachusetts marital-disqualification rule, she may refuse to testify about private marital conversations, which could limit much of her testimony. The lawsuit, which centers on defamation, has been filed by seven women who claim that the entertainer sexually assaulted them and then called them liars when they made their accusations public. The women’s lawyer, Joseph Cammarata, has said that he hopes to depose Camille on February 22. “Despite the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Cosby to prevent us from asking her questions the court said that we are entitled to do so because she likely has important information to provide,” Cammarata said to People. “We intend to get that important information when we take her deposition.”

Update: In a motion filed over the weekend, Camille Cosby asked a federal magistrate judge to postpone the deposition set for tomorrow, February 22. Her lawyers filed an emergency motion to stop the deposition, or move it somewhere more private than the Massachusetts hotel where the proceedings were slated to occur. She claimed her deposition could cause “an unnecessary media circus” and pose a “personal security threat that serves no purpose other than to harass and embarrass her.” Her lawyer says if the venue isn’t changed Camille “will be subjected to a parade through a sea of reporters” and open to “eavesdropping and gawkers.”

Update II: Late Sunday night, a federal judge rejected the Cosbys’ emergency motion to halt the deposition. “This Court has reviewed all pleadings filed up until 5:00 p.m. today regarding this matter,” said U.S. District Judge Mark Mastroianni, according to Deadline. “The Court has also reviewed the entire audio recording from the hearing on this matter in front of Magistrate Judge Hennessy held on February 19, 2016. At that hearing, the Magistrate Judge considered all aspects of the relief being requested and allowed the opportunity for the parties to develop and articulate their respective positions. Judge Hennessy’s rulings and orders at the hearing are not clearly erroneous or contrary to law … This Court now finds, consistent with the findings and rulings of the Magistrate Judge, there is no meritorious basis for the relief being sought.” Camille will testify under oath at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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