blame chance

Kanye Wants You to Know That Chance (the Rapper, Not Random Happenstance) Is the Reason The Life of Pablo Is Late

#blamechance. Photo: Kanye West

Kanye West appears to have found that Life of Pablo album-cover generator. He appears not to be done with The Life of Pablo, which he previously promised would be out by the end of yesterday. The culprit? Chance — the Rapper, that is, not a random confluence of events. According to Kanye, Chance really wanted “Waves” to be on the album, even though it seems like it was cut in previous track lists. Anyway, Kanye is hard at work in the studio, though not so hard that he doesn’t have the time to complain about his collaborator Chance (who already has a spot on “Ultra Light Beams,” by the way) for slowing up the process. Also, Kanye’s performing at SNL tonight. When is the last time you think he slept? Last Sunday? December?

Chance also shared the latest Pablo track list on his account, as a preview of what we all may be getting, you know, someday.

Kanye Says Chance Is Why Pablo’s Late