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Kanye Releases The Life of Pablo on Saturday Night Live, a Shocking, Totally Choreographed Move

The Life of Pablo — not about Picasso or Escobar, but the Biblical Paul — is finally here. Kanye West revealed the news on Saturday Night Live last night after his performance of TLOP track “Ultra Light Beams” (he also did “Highlights” earlier in the night). Go to 5:25 in the video to experience pure joy. It’s done! No more fiddling with Chance in the studio (“Waves,” by the way, did make it onto the 18-track album), no more awkward phone calls with Taylor Swift, no more (we hope) 3 a.m. work sessions. Okay, so it took about an hour for the album to actually appear on Tidal, but now Kanye can sleep again.

You can stream The Life of Pablo on Tidal (see below), where it will stream exclusively for the next seven days, or pay $20 to download it directly here.

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Kanye Releases TLOP on SNL