Out of Respect (and His Version of Humility), Kanye West Has Clarified the Greatness of His Waves Album

Kanye West. Photo: PATRICK KOVARIK

The official Kanye West Twitter account continues to be one of 2016’s most traumatizing, unpredictable hype roller coasters: The rapper on Tuesday night walked back his claim that Waves would be “album of the life,” and he’s now resorting to calling it simply a great album. How great? Here’s Kanye’s assessment and explanation, emphasis his own: “This new album is ONE of the greatest albums not the greatest just one of … ” he tweeted, citing more than a dozen influences as others who have also had pretty great albums. Here’s some added context so you’re not totally let down by the change:

But really, the biggest silver lining here is this update also means other artists will regain the option to produce great albums in your lifetime after February 11, too — like Ye’s new BFF Wiz, for example:

Okay, maybe not BFFs, but getting there:

Anyway, you get the point, and you’ll be able to experience that contentious greatness soon (more on how, here):

Kanye Clarifies the Greatness of His Waves Album