Out of Respect (and His Version of Humility), Kanye West Has Clarified the Greatness of His Waves Album

Kanye West.

The official Kanye West Twitter account continues to be one of 2016’s most traumatizing, unpredictable hype roller coasters: The rapper on Tuesday night walked back his claim that Waves would be “album of the life,” and he’s now resorting to calling it simply a great album. How great? Here’s Kanye’s assessment and explanation, emphasis his own: “This new album is ONE of the greatest albums not the greatest just one of … ” he tweeted, citing more than a dozen influences as others who have also had pretty great albums. Here’s some added context so you’re not totally let down by the change:

But really, the biggest silver lining here is this update also means other artists will regain the option to produce great albums in your lifetime after February 11, too — like Ye’s new BFF Wiz, for example:

Okay, maybe not BFFs, but getting there:

Anyway, you get the point, and you’ll be able to experience that contentious greatness soon (more on how, here):

Kanye Clarifies the Greatness of His Waves Album