Kate Winslet Jokes About How Many Awards She’s Won on Kimmel, Probably So That Some People Won’t Feel Bad They Haven’t Won an Oscar

Kate Winslet picks up Oscars like the rest of us pick up toilet paper — almost too frequently. Winslet went on Kimmel last night to riff on her long and storied awards-show history: Her dad screamed “Quincy Jones!” at her first Oscars. She felt up Susan Sarandon. She giggled with Leonardo DiCaprio about Titanic, specifically how Rose probably could have scooted over a little bit. While Kate Winslet was working up a tight five about the title of the SAG Awards, do you think Leo was politely nodding along, or did he have to silently stab a fork into his thigh to keep from screaming? Do you think he brought his own fork, or nah?

Kate Winslet Explains the Joy of Winning Awards