oscars 2016

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Get His New Oscar Engraved, Learn That His Great Award Comes With Great Responsibility

What do you do after you’ve finally won your Academy Award? And reminded people that climate change is real? Well, you go to the Governors Ball and make a joke about your public, decades-long quest for a statue, of course! And then, when you realize how much responsibility Oscar actually is, you stare long and hard at the maintenance brochure, trying to keep your poker face on, wondering if this whole winning thing was a big mistake. I have to maintain it? you think, envisioning the arduous, water-filled road ahead. Oh, this probably means I’ll also have to present Best Actress next year, right? And you turn to face the music, clutching your burden, already missing how simple life before Oscar used to be.

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Get His Oscar Engraved