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Lionel Richie Once Sent Dave Grohl 500 Muffins, Which Is Definitely a Lot of Muffins

Dave Grohl.

This is the way life should be: friends giving delicious muffin baskets in times of need, and friends returning the gesture with enthusiastic Lionel Richie covers. If there is a heaven — and there almost certainly isn’t — this is what it will sound and smell like. On Saturday night, musicians gathered for a MusiCares Person of the Year tribute concert for Lionel Richie, during which Dave Grohl dedicated Richie’s “You Are” to the man himself as repayment for an unexpected kind gesture following a leg injury. Explained Grohl:

“When I got out of surgery, I was in my hospital room, and I started getting flowers and get-well cards and stuff like that. One day my wife comes into the room and says, ‘Wait till you see the muffin basket that just showed up.’ I went in there and this was the biggest muffin basket I’ve ever seen. It was like 500 muffins. This high! But I didn’t know who it was from. A couple days later, I got a text from my tour manager. He says, ‘Hey, Lionel Richie called and wanted to know if you got the muffin basket.’ So Lionel, tonight, I didn’t bring you a muffin basket, I brought you this.”

Five hundred muffins from Lionel Richie! What a dream. Sure, that’s about 475 more than any human could eat in a week, meaning the rest would shrivel up into inedible muffin mummies. And yes, a diet consisting entirely of muffins would probably disrupt your body so badly your limbs would never fully heal, but still. It’s the Lionel Richie that counts.

Lionel Richie Once Sent Dave Grohl 500 Muffins