There’s a MacGyver Reboot in Development at CBS: Alert the Pattys and Selmas in Your Life!


Look, no one wants to identify themselves as a Patty or a Selma, but that doesn’t mean the Patty- or Selma-esque people you know wouldn’t appreciate learning that CBS has ordered a pilot for a MacGyver reboot. The incredibly resourceful secret agent beloved by The Simpsons’ Bouvier sisters will return in one of two dramas out of CBS TV Studio. The new MacGyver, which knocks a decade off the protagonist’s age and focuses on how he acquired his fantastic skills, is the brainchild of Furious 7 director James Wan, executive producer Henry Winkler, and writer Paul Downs Colaizzo. CBS has also ordered a pilot for Bull, a procedural drama based on Dr. Phil’s early career in trial consulting, which means Patty and Selma are going to have a pretty full DVR in 2016. (You just know they love Dr. Phil. You just know.)

MacGyver Reboot Headed to CBS