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Watch Madonna Perform ‘Take a Bow’ for the First Time in 21 Years

Madonna’s “Take a Bow” is without a doubt one of the greatest pop ballads ever written (and the only “Take a Bow” we acknowledge; sorry, Rihanna), made all the more special because of its rarity. Madonna has only ever performed the song live three times — at 1995’s American Music Awards, with Babyface; at Italy’s Sanremo Festival in 1995; and on German TV, also in 1995 — and hasn’t performed it in two decades, not even on one of her many hugely popular tours. That is, until now. During a stop on her Rebel Heart tour Thursday night in Taipei, she stunned the fandom by performing “Take a Bow” for the first time in 21 years, giving the song its concert debut. And she acknowledged the moment by telling fans at the song’s end, “That was fun, first time ever. Hit a few bad notes, but it felt good to sing it. Finally!” All the world is a stage, everyone has their part, and right now, yours is to sing the hell out of every word in this song. (Don’t lie, you know them all.)

Madonna Performs ‘Take a Bow’ for the First Time