run-by fruiting

These Deleted Scenes From Mrs. Doubtfire Will Remind You That the Movie Was Actually Deeply Sad

Between the run-by fruiting and that frosting-faced “Helllooooo!” it’s easy to remember Mrs. Doubtfire as that goofy movie where Robin Williams played a hilarious old British lady. But we often forget that at its heart, the movie was about a dad who would do anything to see his kids, including pretending to be their new nanny, which is pretty heartbreaking (and, let’s be real, just a little bit terrifying). These deleted scenes are completely jokeless, and if they had been included in the final product, our memories of Mrs. Doubtfire might have been a little different. Before Robin Williams died in 2014, there was talk of a sequel, which now, of course, will never be. But if nothing else, it’s nice to see some new Williams footage.

Mrs. Doubtfire Deleted Scenes Surfaced