Netflix Will Debut David Lynch-Produced Doc My Beautiful Broken Brain March 18, Also Known As The Day You Cry The Hardest In Your Brief, Wonderful Life

Now when someone describes something as being like a David Lynch movie, they’ll mean “uplifting journey of healing and self-discovery,” not “dark, sexy horror show.” Lynch is an executive producer of My Beautiful Broken Brain, a documentary about Dutch-French filmmaker Lotje Sodderland, who is currently recovering from a traumatic hemorrhagic stroke. Sodderland and Sophie Robinson co-directed the documentary. “I am thrilled to join Lotje and Sophie in sharing My Beautiful Broken Brain with the world. The brain is truly fascinating and much in the way that our brains are able to achieve total coherence – finding enlightenment and fulfillment, you will surely be moved and inspired by this journey of self-rediscovery,” said the director in a statement. The film premieres on Netflix March 18, so on March 17 please remember to cover your sofa with a tarp so it’s not ruined by gallons of your tears.

Netflix Picks Up David Lynch-Produced Brain Doc