Rebel Wilson and Jimmy Fallon Sing About Being Single and Then Play Chubby Bunny, As If to Confirm the First Thing

Don’t let Hollywood fool you, there’s more to the single life than making satirical music videos and chowing down on marshmallows. Not having to get mad at someone for pulling the sheets away from you, for instance. The ability to order large amounts of takeout all to yourself. And, of course, the massive increase in physical strength that comes from having to reach for things on the upper shelf yourself. But really, it’s mostly about the shameless consumption of marshmallows. (Note: Jimmy Fallon is married, so this feels like a slight betrayal.)

Fallon also played “Chubby Zombie” with Jack Huston, who was on the show to promote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Don’t be fooled: Chubby Zombie is the same game.

Rebel Wilson and Jimmy Fallon Play Chubby Bunny