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All the Rick and Michonne GIFs Your Heart Desires

Photo: AMC

Spoilers ahead.

The most gripping moment from Sunday night’s The Walking Dead wasn’t when Rick and Daryl discovered a truck filled with supplies, or the first appearance of the long-awaited Jesus, or even seeing — and then killing — zombie Deanna. No, it was when Rick and Michonne held hands on the couch. That’s right, Richonne shippers, your day has finally arrived! Your favorite will-they-won’t-they couple, Rick and Michonne, made sweet postapocalyptic love on last night’s episode. In fact, the entire episode sort of felt like a romantic comedy, so we’ve done you the courtesy of GIFing Richonne’s interactions for when you want to talk about your bae on Twitter.

When he makes a bad Dad joke:

When you know you’re awesome parents:

When she’s looking like a queen:

When he’s hogging the entire couch again:

When you’re amazed by what you’ve created together:

When it’s the little things:

When you feel that electricity:

When you finally, really look at each other for the first time:

And the world spins:

And your chest tightens:

And it’s like magic:

And all you can see is the other person:

When you can’t believe you’re with this corny-ass man:

When you have an agreed-upon cuddling distance:

When you both know that lovers who fight together, stay together:

The Walking Dead’s Rick and Michonne, in GIFs