never have i ever

Rihanna and George Clooney Play Never Have I Ever, Would Also Like You to Please Define ‘Hooking Up’

It’s true, the world still lacks a universally accepted definition for hooking up. It can mean so many things! You could be hooking up your Wi-Fi with someone. If you’re, you know, 13, then maybe hooking up to you means so much less than it will at, say, 18. Rihanna and George Clooney demand answers, especially as they pertain to questions posed about their own sex lives by the world’s nosiest person, Ellen DeGeneres, in a scandalous round of Never Have I Ever. Texting nudes? Clooney would never. Seeing naked rappers? “Totally,” for both Rih and Clooney (after some convincing). But hooking up in the back of a car? Someone get the dictionary before we can proceed! For Ellen, it’s an easy yes, so we can’t be thinking too risqué, right? Nope! Oh yeah, she means “licking the envelope and seal it” (one of Rih’s definitions, of course). You know what else needs much more clarification? Spanking the kitty. We’ll say no more.

Rihanna and Clooney Play Never Have I Ever