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Second City Launches the Harold Ramis School for Making Movies As Funny As Animal House

Harold Ramis Attends Private Event
Harold Ramis. Photo: Jeff Schear/Getty Images

The Second City is paying tribute to the late Harold Ramis by naming a film school after him: The Chicago comedy institution announced Tuesday it will launch the Harold Ramis Film School, which it says is the only educational institution of its kind devoted to comedy. The one-year program will be devoted to teaching Second City’s philosophy of improvisation in a filmmaking context. At this early date, the school will not be formally accredited; Second City hopes students’ portfolio of coursework and the school’s networking opportunities will jump-start their entry into the creative field as much as or more than a formal degree would. Tuition is expected to run around $15,000, with scholarships available. The Harold Ramis Film School is not expected to be affiliated with any Greek organizations, and any that arise will be swiftly put on double-secret probation.

Second City Launches Harold Ramis Film School