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Beat Bugs Trailer: Netflix’s New Animated Kids Series Features a Ton of Beatles Covers Your Kids Won’t Know Are Covers

Step aside, Narcos: There’s a new Netflix kids’ show in town! It’s called Beat Bugs, and it’s an animated show about five best bug-friends who explore the suburban backyard where they live. What’s more, the series will feature over 50 covers of Beatles songs by artists such as Eddie Vedder, Sia, Chris Cornell, Pink, the Shins, Of Monsters and Men, Regina Spektor, and many more. Creator Josh Wakely will direct, write, and produce Beat Bugs, which was green-lit by Netflix after securing a deal with Sony/ATV publishing for the worldwide rights to cover songs from John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s Northern Songs catalogue, Rolling Stone reports. Judging by Eddie Vedder’s cover of “Magical Mystery Tour” in the trailer, it seems like the covers will stay pretty true to the originals. But we suggest they mix things up a little with hits such as “Blackbird (Will Eat You Because You’re a Bug)” or “Drive My Tiny Bug-Size Car” or “I Saw Her Standing There (On All Eight Legs).” Just some things to consider.

See the Trailer for Netflix’s Beat Bugs