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Stockard Channing Joins a Comedy Pilot About a Mean Actress Who Says Whatever She Pleases

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There are worse things she could do than star in a show or two.

Stockard Channing (Alicia’s mom on The Good Wife, who does whatever she pleases; Abbey Barlet on The West Wing, who does whatever she pleases; Rizzo in Grease, you get the point) is starring in an NBC comedy pilot about a “legendary actress” who does whatever she pleases. Me & Mean Margaret follows an “often offensive legendary actress” (Mean Margaret) and the ambitious 27-year-old lawyer (me — or at least the me of the title) who is forced to babysit her. Legendary actresses aren’t really known for saying controversial things in public, so this project will definitely require some suspension of disbelief.

Stockard Channing Joins Comedy Pilot