The Flash Will Cross Over With Supergirl; Welcome to the Post-Glee DC Televisual Universe

Supergirl and the Flash; also Marley Rose and Sebastian Smythe. Photo: CBS, CW

In a move that will unite two of the most popular DC Comics TV shows and also please the few, proud fans of season five of Glee, Barry Allen (the Flash in CW’s The Flash) will stop by Supergirl for crossover episode on March 28. The CW announced the news today, confirming that Grant Gustin will join fellow Glee alum turned superhero Melissa Benoist in National City. The details of the episode are being kept under wraps, but hopefully both of them will make it to sectionals! Supergirl and The Flash air on separate networks but are both produced by Greg Berlanti and Warner Bros. Television, which also produce Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, two other shows already in the same universe as The Flash. On Friday, March 25, big-screen DC crossover Batman v Superman opens in theaters. If there is any justice dawning in the world, the crossover episode of Supergirl that airs the Monday after will reference Batfleck somehow.

The Flash and Supergirl to Stage a Crossover