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New Taboo Trailer: Tom Hardy Got Ridley Scott to Make a TV Show About 19th-Century Shipping Empires and Their Roguish Heirs

Was ever a fortune passed down in 19th-century fiction without setting off an immediate storm of conflict, conspiracies, and chicanery? Not in Taboo! The upcoming FX series, produced by Ridley Scott, stars Tom Hardy as the long-thought-dead heir to a Regency-era shipping empire who returns to claim his father’s legacy, setting off what looks like a string of forbidden, outlawed, illicit, and impolite behavior. It’s based on a story by Hardy and his delightfully named father, Edward “Chips” Hardy, who, based on that factoid, probably have a better family relationship than anyone in the show. View the new BBC trailer above, or the original FX trailer below if you’re so inclined the series will premiere on January 10.

See Tom Hardy in the New Trailer for FX’s Taboo