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The Wire Fans Might Have Enjoyed the Reunion Toyota Staged in This Prius Commercial

Among this year’s celeb-filled deluge of Super Bowl commercials was one spot aimed at those viewers familiar with a particular TV clan. To promote the all-new 2016 Prius, Toyota wrangled three of The Wire’s Sobotkas (Chris Bauer, Pablo Schreiber, and James Ransone), plus one, to pull off a heist. The ensuing chase (above) shows off the car’s speed, handles, and stamina — but for fans of the old HBO series, the clip really shows off a goofy, beanie-adorned reunion.

Wire creator David Simon seemed to approve, tweeting, “Kudos to the Sobotka clan of South Baltimore. You can’t keep good men down.” (As the Washington Post points out, however, the commercial also drew some detractors for its ties to crime, as well as other car chases that are unspooling on TV this week.) Watch the other installments from the ad’s story line below:

And keep tabs on Toyota’s hashtag to see what happens next:

Toyota Staged a Fun Wire Reunion for You