This Video Will Bring Laughter (and Cause Nervous Breakdowns)

Pursuing a career in comedy is synonymous with being on the verge of a mammoth psychological implosion, at all times. Self-doubt dots every “i” in the comedian’s notebook, and hopelessness crosses every “t.” We’re good at pretending because, if we weren’t, there would be no comedy. All funny people everywhere would just stay in bed with a muted episode of The Simpsons adding bursts of light to their dark studio apartments (anti-depressants don’t exist in this scenario). As I write this, I wonder if I’ll ever have an original idea ever again. It’s awful to be this way, to feel these things. Yet, I write all the same.

Maybe there are some truly well-adjusted comedy folks out there. I haven’t met them, though, and I know I’m not one. I know Ryan Mazer isn’t, either. I’ve known since I first watched his work in 2013. Then, a couple of months back, he sent me this video. I share it with you today because, aside from being hilarious, it is a spectacular representation of comedians’ irrevocably damaged brains, brains that, if “healthy,” would leave the world a much less funny, much less batshit place.

Comedians of the world: clearly, you are not alone. Let’s keep getting out of bed.

Luke is a writer/director for CollegeHumor and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

This Video Will Bring Laughter (and Cause Nervous […]