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Tidal’s First Money & Violence Season Two Teaser Is Here

Next week Tidal will debut its first TV series with the season-two launch of Money & Violence, a scripted thriller about Brooklyn’s complex web of crime, which became a viral YouTube sensation in early 2015. The show, created by and starring Moise Verneau, premiered its first season on Cloud9TV on YouTube in August 2014 and has since amassed more than 20 million views. After Verneau crowdfunded season two, Tidal announced it had acquired the show at its 1 million–subscriber concert last October. Now The Wire–inspired web series has revealed the first teaser for its new season, expected to hit Tidal as a one-week exclusive on February 9 and then YouTube on February 16. All the grit and authenticity of the first season remains, but the budget is noticeably bigger. (We’ve got aerial shots!) Unfortunately for Flatbush’s antihero Rafe, things are still looking pretty grim.

Tidal’s First Money & Violence S2 Teaser Is Here