Brilliant POC Are Making #TrapCovers of Pop Songs So White People Will Stop Ruining ‘Work’ and ‘Formation’

Slay trick or you get eliminated.

You might’ve noticed several videos going viral lately of clueless white people doing awkward, acoustic-y covers of Rihanna’s “Work” and Beyoncé’s “Formation,” sucking the life and blackness out of each song in the process. Well, Black Twitter, ruler of internet culture (despite what “Damn, Daniel” would have you believe), is here to politely turn the tables. In today’s ether, POC have started #TrapCovers, a series of videos in which pop songs typically heard at karaoke are given hilarious — and in some cases totally earnest — rap remixes in the style of southern trap (especially Migos). And in a shocking turn of events, unlike the majority of those vanilla Rih and Bey covers, most of these #TrapCovers are actual upgrades. Here are a few highlights:

#TrapCovers Responds to White ‘Work’ Covers