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Turkish Airlines Did a Batman v Superman Super Bowl Commercial, As If Bruce Wayne Deigns to Fly Commercial

Who better to shill for your luxury brand than comic-book heroes who teach kids to believe in abstract ideals? Yes, Turkish Airlines has ditched its former spokespeople, superhuman athletes Kobe and Messi, and hired new ones: superheroes Batman and Superman. In an ad that debuted during the Super Bowl, Batman (well, technically, Bruce Wayne) and Lex Luthor (complete with a sneer and a stress ball) give competing pitches for Gotham and Metropolis in the run-up to Batman v Superman. Turkish Airlines will, apparently, fly you to either, despite the fact that neither place exists. Ignore that, and focus on the way Ben Affleck curls his fingers around the handle of his espresso cup. It’s so dainty. Don’t you love it?

Turkish Airlines Made a Batman v Superman Ad