Viola Davis Took Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad Gift of a Dead Hog As a Lesson in Commitment Because She Is Viola Goddamn Davis

While anyone else in the world might have accepted Jared Leto’s disgusting Suicide Squad cast gifts of a dead pig or a live boxed rat and then immediately started vomiting forever, Viola Davis explains to Vanity Fair her admiration of Leto’s dedication to the role. What, did you think Viola Davis wouldn’t use everything in her environ to become a superior actress? Even if that thing was so, so, so gross, Jared Leto had to hire a henchman to carry it into the green room? The green room! People eat lunch in there! Good luck to the rest of the cast on How to Get Away With Murder if Viola’s actually into this, because a hog carcass can convey all sorts of character emotions.

Viola Davis Reflects on Jared Leto’s Gross Gifts