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Equals Trailer: Humanity’s Future Depends on Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Making Out

Every dystopian universe needs all the sexual tension it can handle to get you through those long, hard days of worrying about survival and such nonsense. And boy, does Drake Doremus’s Equals bring the heat. In this doomed world, some population-exterminating event has happened, and now the only ones left alive aren’t allowed to express emotion or even touch other. (We’re guessing sex led to that near-Armageddon, huh?) So of course everyone’s pretty much experiencing puberty all over again. Just one longing look from Kristen Stewart, and it’s explosions for Nicholas Hoult, who, let’s be honest, never really stood a chance here. And a caress of the hand, in that close of a space? Oh, forget it. Just kiss already! (We all want to now.) See the film’s new trailer above, then watch its first preview below:

Watch Kristen Stewart in the New Equals Trailer