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Justin Bieber Tells the Stories Behind His Tattoos, Including ‘She’s My Ex-Girlfriend,’ ‘This One’s About My Mom,’ ‘That’s Jesus’

Justin Bieber, the Blindspot of former child stars, has so many tattoos that, like monkeys or the regulations for visitors to Mayan ruins, he can barely keep track of them. There’s one of Jesus and one of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez (which he tried to cover up). A lot of others are about his parents. His first tattoo, as Bieber explains while grooving on the piano, is of a seagull, based on a book his family read “about a seagull who wants to be more than just a seagull.” That’d be Jonathan Livingston Seagull, but wouldn’t it be great if Justin Bieber loved, but had also seriously misread, Chekhov?

Watch Justin Bieber Explain His Tattoos