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Watch Kelly Clarkson Return to American Idol, Make All of America Sob Uncontrollably

American Idol couldn’t stage a proper farewell without the return of its first winner, Kelly Clarkson, and Thursday the queen of capturing America’s heart did just that. Seacrest and co. welcomed Kelly back to perform “Piece by Piece,” which is an already-emotional wallop of a song, but when you’re “super-pregnant” like Kelly is right now, it’s a wrecking ball to the tear ducts. Kelly was doing just fine singing about her absentee father … until she got to the part about finding a better man to raise her daughter (and soon son!) with than her dad ever was. Then it was waterworks city for everyone, including Kelly herself, all the judges, contestants, audience members, everyone watching at home, you right now — America, basically.

Watch Kelly Clarkson’s Tear-Soaked Idol Return