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Watch Key & Peele’s Extended McCringleberry Sketch of Excessive Celebration on Stephen Colbert

For his post–Super Bowl show, Stephen Colbert brought on Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele to do a riff on of one of their classic Key & Peele sketches, where Peele plays the strict referee and Key is Hingle McCringleberry, the football player who can’t keep the thrusts in his pants. These touchdowns just get him so excited! This time, he gets help from Kimble Mathias, who has a seemingly magical ability to score touchdowns despite his knee and hip replacements. (He’s played by Stephen Colbert.) Colbert released a cut with even more end-zone high jinks above, which can be paired with the original one aired Super Bowl Sunday below. They’re worth at least three pumps and a Viking funeral.

Watch Key & Peele’s Football Sketch on Colbert