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Me Before You Trailer: What If Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games Did a Crossover Romantic Drama?

So many of your favorite Britishers from the stage and screen have assembled for this adaptation of Jojo Moyes’s weepy best seller Me Before You: Mr. Bates! Clara! Tywin Lannister! Neville Longbottom! But the two star-crossed actors at the center of this romantic drama are Emilia Clarke, the mother of dragons from Game of Thrones, and Sam Claflin, District 4 hottie Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games. Clarke plays Louisa “Lou” Clark, a 26-year-old working-class girl hired to cheer up the former adrenaline junkie and quadriplegic Will Traynor, played by Claflin. Naturally, they fall in love, and it’s beautiful and magical and sad and won’t someone please pass the tissues already?

The first trailer is below:

Watch Me Before You Trailer With Emilia Clarke