Watch the First Episode of History’s ‘Great Minds with Dan Harmon’ Featuring Jack Black

Earlier this month, History ordered a round of late night short-form comedy series that debuted last night, including the first episode of Dan Harmon’s new series Great Minds. In the episode, Harmon teams up with Harmontown Dungeon Master Spencer Crittenden to bring Mozart back from the dead, but they accidentally bring back Ludwig van Beethoven (Jack Black) instead. Harmon makes the most of his accidental guest – he and Beethoven review the Beethoven Wikipedia page for accuracy, listen to his songs after Harmon gets him an expensive hearing aid, discuss reproductive rights, and sing the long lost lyrics to his 5th symphony.

Check out the debut of History’s other short-form series The Crossroads of History below featuring Josh Fadem, Paul Scheer, Elizabeth Shapiro, and more:

Watch the First Episode of History’s ‘Great Minds with […]