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The Trailer for Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day Is Here, and It Has So Many Celebrities, Your Brain Will Explode!

Garry Marshall just loves those movies about holidays where a ton of celebs play a ton of normal people and it’s a little disorienting! Whether you’re a mommy or not, you’re about to get a very special gift: the trailer for Mother’s Day. This movie’s got everything! Julia Roberts in a hairdo stolen from Helix (the fake outer-space movie in Notting Hill, duh), Jennifer Aniston as a cranky mom with a son who pees on stuff, Kate Hudson as one of those workout ladies who never sees her mom, Jason Sudeikis as a dad who can’t utter the word tampon, and kids who say things like “free-balling” that make their Jennifer Mom–istons gasp! The trailer promises we will “celebrate the one day that connects us all,” totally not taking into consideration that this is not true for many people, but when it comes to Garry Marshall movies, who cares about logic?!

Watch the Trailer for Mother’s Day