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New Sing Trailer: We Could Listen to Matthew McConaughey Voice a Dapper Koala Bear Impresario All Day

There are lots of good things going on in the trailers for the musical-comedy Sing for starters, Matthew McConaughey voices an entrepreneurial koala who creates a singing competition to save his marquee theater from foreclosure. (So cute, c’mon! Look at that bow tie!) A trove of potential contestants emerge for the $100,000 payday, including a single mom to 25 piglets (Reese Witherspoon), a Sinatra–esque mouse (Seth MacFarlane), and a gorilla from the wrong side of the tracks with a penchant for rap and daddy issues (Taron Egerton). There’s a sheep singing Seal! (Which is such a hilarious missed animal-singer opportunity.) And a snail crooning Christopher Cross! The cuteness will hit theaters on December 21. Watch the new groovin’ trailer above, and the original below.

Watch the New Trailer for Musical-Comedy Sing