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Watch the Trailer for Will Arnett’s Netflix Show Flaked, in Which He Sort of Plays a More Upbeat, Human BoJack Horseman

When it comes to handsome dirtbags, Will Arnett has explored every facet of the character trope. Unhinged handsome dirtbags, depressed handsome dirtbags, gay businessman handsome dirtbags, handsome dirtbags who through a series of unfortunate events end up being roommates with their moms: Will Arnett has done them all. In Netflix’s new comedy Flaked, premiering March 11, Arnett’s Chip is a kinder, more rueful dirtbag, living in Venice Beach, working on his recovery from addiction, and trying his best not to pursue his friend’s crush. A hopeful, spiritual dirtbag, if you will.

See the Trailer for Will Arnett’s Show Flaked