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Will Ferrell Fondly Remembers the Time He Pranked Lorne Michaels and Was Not Fired for It

In between pitching his idea for a Pretty Woman sequel, Will Ferrell went on Seth Meyers’s show Wednesday night to reminisce about their days together on Saturday Night Live, days that, in this telling, were mostly full of Ferrell pulling pranks on Lorne Michaels. (Michaels is famously not a pranks guy, which explains why George Clooney botched his audition all the way back in ‘86 and has been beating himself up about it on his podcast ever since.) Ferrell was able to get away with it because he was, duh, Will Ferrell, but imagine how these pranks would have come off had they been pulled by any other SNL cast member. Jim Breuer would have been outta there in a second if he did that typewriter thing is all we’re saying.

Will Ferrell Remembers Pranking Lorne Michaels