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Yanic Truesdale Is a Lot More Excited to Work With Lauren Graham Again Than Michel Gerard Ever Would Be

Michel never smiled like this before.

If you were betting that Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival would go forward without Stars Hollow’s favorite ambiguously gay snark machine, you’re probably really bad at betting. Yanic Truesdale, who played the French concierge Michel Gerard in Gilmore Girls, shared a photo of himself on set with Lauren Graham for the revival. The news is particularly exciting as Truesdale moved back to Montreal, where he opened a spinning studio called Spin Énergie and appeared in a few French-language shows, after Gilmore Girls ended. Truesdale joins a cast that includes Graham, Alexis Bledel (Rory), Kelly Bishop (Emily), Scott Patterson (Luke), Matt Czurchy (ugh, Logan), and pointedly not Melissa McCarthy. So if the Dragonfly Inn is back in business, who exactly is doing the cooking?

Yanic Truesdale’s Michel Is Back for Gilmore