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Yoko Ono Hospitalized With ‘Extreme Flu-Like Symptoms’


Yoko Ono was hospitalized in New York on Friday night with symptoms of a “serious flu,” according to her rep. Initial reports suggested that the musician, artist, and widow of John Lennon had experienced a stroke, but those proved to be unfounded. “To the best of my knowledge, she had symptoms along the lines of a serious flu, and her doctor thought it was best that she would get a check-up at the hospital,” her spokesperson Elliot Mintz told ABC News. “There is no stroke and there are no life threatening circumstances as has been described to me.” Mintz said that Ono could be released as early as today. Her son, Sean Ono Lennon, reiterated the same message on Twitter, writing “it was only rumors from press: was NOT a stroke, just dehydration/tired. She is FINE” and adding “only stroke @yokoono had was a Stroke of Genius!”

Ono recently released a new LP titled Yes, I’m a Witch Too. She turned 83 on February 18.

Yoko Ono Hospitalized With Flu-Like Symptoms