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Adele Attempting to Twerk Is All of Us Attempting to Twerk, Only Much Cuter

Twerking is an art barely any of us have mastered because we are not all Rihanna. The majority of us are like Adele: total twerking noobs who can barely believe it when we think we’ve done the impossible and actually hit a real-life twerk. (Even if we most likely didn’t.) Just look how adorably pleased with herself Adele is when it happens to her while on tour. We can confirm, Adele, you did indeed twerk. Naturally, she then gets cocky with it, claiming that her “bum” can break her back “‘cause it’s so enormous,” which doesn’t sound all that scientifically sound, but who are we to argue? If Adele’s next encore ends with “Anaconda,” you know why.

Adele Adorably Attempts to Twerk