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Amazon Is Bringing Back The Tick; You Are Either Cheering or Wondering If This Is the One With Paul Rudd (It Isn’t)

Spoon! Photo: Fox

After seeing all of Netflix’s shiny new superhero shows and cult-comedy revivals, Amazon has decided that, just to make things efficient, it would like one superhero cult-comedy revival of its own. Yesterday, the site ordered a pilot for The Tick, a continuation of the nine-episode 2001 Fox live-action superhero comedy, which was itself based on a comics series. Ben Edlund, who created the comics, the 1994 animated series, and the live-action TV series is back as a writer and executive producer on the project. Casting is ticking along nicely, as Griffin Newman will play sidekick Arthur Everest, while Valorie Curry will play his sister Dot. Patrick Warburton, who played the superhero in the Fox series, won’t be back due to scheduling conflicts, so if you send in a good enough audition tape, you could be the new Tick! (That’s not true. They probably want someone famous.)

Amazon Revives The Tick With a Pilot Order