Surprise, Surprise: Progress Is Slow for Women and Minority Writers in TV and Film

I spy, with my little eye, a white dude. Photo: Image Group LA/A.M.P.A.S.

On Thursday the Writers Guild of America, West, released Renaissance in Reverse?, their 2016 Hollywood Writers report, which analyzes diversity in writing for TV and film, looking at the progress women, minority, and older writers have made compared to younger white males. (Don’t be deceived by Judd Apatow’s fake writers room on Love featuring two black women, an Asian woman, and one lowly white dude. Writers rooms tend to look more like this.) The report basically concludes there has been a “mixture of slow, forward progress, stalls and reversals.” Women TV writers have made some minor advances, but women screenwriters have lost ground in film-sector earnings. Things have stalled for minority TV writers, and minority writers in film have only seen slight gains. White males continue to maintain their dominant hold in both sectors. Read the full bummer of a report here.

Analysis of Diversity in Writing for TV and Film