Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian Provided Live Super Tuesday Coverage as Trump and Bernie

At long last, Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian have found a TV/internet home on Fusion where more people can watch their fantastic impersonations of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, and thankfully, the network wasted no time putting their new presidential stars in the spotlight in the form of live Super Tuesday coverage the guys filmed in a hotel room in Phoenix last night. It’s nearly 40 minutes of the best primary election coverage out there. Take Bernie’s brilliant Neverending Story metaphor:

I think the crisis we face is not unlike that of The Neverending Story, the classic children’s film from the 1980s where yes, there is the great Nothing closing in from all sides like corporate power destroying our Fantasia where we’ve lived for so long. Our institutions that we’ve looked to for so long are crumbling – the big guy with the stone hands is going “I couldn’t do it, they got away, the Nothing got away, I couldn’t stop the Nothing.” The horse is the middle class – the horse is in the mud, it’s dead, it’s dying, it’s choking in the mud, there’s nothing you can do about it. And then I show up. When you think it can’t get any worse than that, I’m Falkor, and I’m flying in with very little television coverage. But here I am. And I’m too white, and I’m really fucking old, but I’m here to save you, and I’m Falkor the luckdragon, and I will give you anything you want! Anything you want at all! All you gotta do is fuckin’ believe in me – that’s all you gotta do. Believe in me, and I will chase the bankers down and make them jump into a dumpster.

For more on Trump vs. Bernie, check out our interview with Atamanuik and Adomian here.

Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian Provided Live […]