Here’s Ariana Grande Crushing ‘Dangerous Woman’ A Cappella, Kind of Crushing an Air-Guitar Solo, Too

Louise Belcher’s future supervillain alter ego came back to 2016 with something “fun” and “different” on Sunday night. Instead of a music video for “Dangerous Woman,” Ariana Grande unspooled an impressive, no-frills, a cappella performance of her next album’s title track. Above, the costumed singer makes up for unadorned footage with mighty vocals, accentuated dynamics, vibrato flourishes, and a very wiggly air-guitar solo. Not kidding:

The tweaked earworm comes on the heels of Grande’s big SNL appearance and “Be Alright” release. You can pre-order the corresponding album (out May 20) here, and find full wiggle effect in the clip up top.

Ariana Sings, Nails ‘Dangerous Woman’ A Cappella