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Beyoncé Performed at a School Fundraiser, Raising an Estimated Kajillion Dollars

Step aside, Drake the Bar Mitzvah DJ, Beyoncé is the world’s new favorite choice for children’s entertainment. The singer did a live performance at a fundraiser for The Center for Early Education (where Blue Ivy may or may not go to school) in L.A. last night, in what has to be the boldest way to claim the title of the coolest cool mom. Unfortunately, the surely Illuminati-run Center hasn’t released the full performance, but you can find samples of Beyoné’s set, which included “XO,” “Crazy in Love,” and a cover of “I Will Always Love You,” online. Beyoncé, please perform at many more school fundraisers. Think of what you can do for our nation’s school systems.

Beyoncé Performs at a School Fundraiser