Just When You Thought Beyoncé Would Surprise-Drop an Album, She Drops a Fashion Line

Slay, trick.

You know it’s coming. You can smell it in the air. No, not winter, you fools: New Beyoncé! Rumors have been spreading from within the BeyHive for weeks that a Beyoncé album will drop from the sky, imminently. And while that’s probably not wrong (she has a tour coming, guys), there’s still no real proof beyond Hillary Clinton’s recent campaign stop on an apparent Beyoncé music-video shoot. So of course, when both Elle and its UK sister magazine began a Beyoncé Instagram takeover last night, posting picture after picture of our queen with a countdown, it sent her legions of fans (a.k.a. Earth) into a frenzy. What does it all meannnn?

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s not an album just yet. Instead, in the day’s greatest troll (she couldn’t even wait until April Fools’), it was all leading up to Beyoncé’s long-awaited athleisure line for Topshop, Ivy Park, which she has officially announced with a short film featuring Blue Ivy, fitspo, and something profound about parks. But even Bey knows you’re here for the music, so head on over to the line’s website, where if you click and hold your mouse (ugh), you’ll hear a “Formation” instrumental and a snippet of a new song. And by snippet, we mean “Yeah, ho!” on loop. Praise be.

Beyoncé Trolls the BeyHive With Fashion Line