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Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born Reportedly Didn’t Have the Money to Hire Beyoncé, Who Is Already a Star

Better offers in my bag (swag). Photo: Getty Images

Bradley Cooper has plans to direct an upcoming remake of A Star Is Born, but the Coops wants the film to be exactly right, which means it needs to have Beyoncé. The project was offered to the singer, according to “Page Six,” but “Beyoncé wanted too much money, and Warner Bros. balked at her price.” One “Page Six” source says A Star Is Born is now dead in the water, while another says it’s simply “on the back burner” as Cooper reads other scripts. This is yet another setback for the remake, which has been around since 2011, when Clint Eastwood (yes, really) wanted Leonardo DiCaprio (yes, really) and then later even Christian Bale and Tom Cruise (yes, really) to pair off with Beyoncé. Later, Bradley Cooper came on, and then Beyoncé left. Point is, Bradley Cooper and Beyoncé’s roller-coaster of a business history is now officially far more fascinating than anything they could do on film.

Bradley Cooper Didn’t Have Beyoncé Money