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Chance the Rapper Calls Spike Lee a ‘Liar’ in Another Heated Exchange Over Chi-Raq

This is Chance’s part, nobody else speak. Photo: Getty Images

Chance the Rapper and Spike Lee have resumed fighting over Lee’s controversial Chi-Raq. Last year, around its release, Chance urged fans not to see the film, calling it “exploitative” of his city’s publicized violence. Lee responded by questioning Chance’s family ties to the local government (Chance’s father works in the mayor’s office), and continued to do so during a contentious screening of the film at Northwestern University last week, where he reportedly called Chance a “straight-up fraud.” It seems Chance caught wind of Lee’s recent comments because Tuesday night he raised the wattage on his ultralight beam and once again dragged Lee and the film in a series of tweets. In them, Chance says Lee is a “liar” and claims to have proof that Lee “begged” him to be in Chi-Raq or, as Chance calls it, “this offensive unsuccessful flop of a movie.”

Chance the Rapper Calls Spike Lee a ‘Liar’