Dan Harmon to Produce a Stop-Motion Animated Movie About Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee Bubbles

Michael Jackson’s famed chimp pet Bubbles is getting the movie treatment with some help from Dan Harmon. According to Deadline, Harmon and Starburns Industries have signed on to produce a stop-motion movie called Bubbles based on a script by Isaac Adamson. Here’s more on the project from Deadline:

Bubbles tells the story of Michael Jackson’s life and history from the perspective of the pet Chimp which got a close up view after being adopted by Jackson from an Austin, Texas research facility and took up residence at the Neverland Ranch in 1983. He became Jackson’s constant companion until he became overaggressive and was moved to a monkey sanctuary in Florida.

Harmon already has some experience producing stop-motion films having been an executive producer on 2015’s Anomalisa. Bubbles topped 2015’s Black List scripts and is described as “a very inventive way to tell an unauthorized story of Jackson without needing permission.”

Dan Harmon to Produce a Stop-Motion Animated Movie […]